The AWARE project, inside the AAL European Program, wants to include mature people in the active world through the usage of ICT tools, recovering their important contribute in a “shared economy of knowledge”, and also to contribute to improve their quality of life.
The AWARE project aims at developing solution for social inclusion of retired people and at preparing older workers for transition to retirement.

To do this we have developed the Senior Experience Network (SEN+) that can enable social interaction of both groups in order to promote an active aging.

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SEN+: The experience Network
SEN+ is an internet tool for Social Networking, Knowledge sharing and training with the following modules integrated:

  • MY SOCIAL NETWORK: This is the area for contacting with friends, experts and groups. The users can take advantage of the Social Network to communicate with others, search and find friends, join groups, communicate with individuals and groups using messages, forums, chat, search for experts, etc.
  • MY KNOWLEDGE: This module permits workers to maintain an active role after retirement by allowing share of expertise and experience, get in contact with other workers and retired elderly people. This will help people to stay active after retirement and will allow the company to maintain and acquire knowledge and expertise although a worker has retired. In ‘my knowledge’ users can create different pages that can include text, documents, images, videos, links, etc. These pages can be shared with others in an easy way.
  • IMPROVE MY ENVIRONMENT: This is a database of ergonomic recommendations to adapt workplace and home environments. Users can search recommendations by selecting different features related to the type of environment, the functional activities and the type of recommendation. Open searches can also be performed.
  • LEARN AND TEACH: This module includes a trainer tool for the platform and other courses about ICT skills. Here the users may also create and manage their own courses.